Adult Cinema - Synchronisation

My music has been used in a lot of TV and a few movies and trailers. See selected credits below.

Licensing of any of my music is a ‘one-stop’ shop since I own 100% of both my recording and publishing. So it’s very easy to clear my music for your sync use. Contact details are below

I have instrumentals, BV only versions and all stems for all of my music and can supply edits and cut-downs as needed.

My most recent album, ‘Hot and Cold’ has many tracks dealing with the yin and yang of life as well as a triptych that uses the weather as allegories.

There are many obvious connections to be made from the lyrics to a range of emotions that might be depicted in a scene to be synced.

Just as an illustration, I’ve pulled out a few moments that stand out to me.

Obviously each track has a lyrical and musical content that might fit any particular usage, but these snippets give a quick way to hear what you might find.


  • Psychedelic, shimmering synth effects, dreamy acoustic guitar strumming, cool indie vocal.
  • Dark spacey synth effects, psychedelic echo electric guitar, power chords over spacey rhythm.
  • Shimmering synth effects, dreamy acoustic guitar strumming, funky indie drums and bass with indie vocal.
  • Psychedelic piano, acoustic strumming, 60’s Beatles-esque vocals with struggling artist theme.
  • Psychedelic folk, dark haunting acoustic guitar, dark strings, old pub piano, bells, haunting guitar effects.
  • 60’s psychedelic driving pub piano, acoustic guitar, expressive drum flourishes, haunting strings, struggling artist vocal theme, Beatles-esque.
  • Dreamy electric guitar phaser picking, Pink Floyd-esque, 70’s rock power chords and cymbal crashes, odd time signature, progressive rock.
  • Fast furious heavy progressive rock riffing, odd time signature, haunting vocal.
  • Fast furious rock, Hawkwind, guitar solo, pushing synth.
  • Fast furious rock, driving powerful guitar, pumping synth bass, vocal theme of flying in space, Hawkwind.
  • Dreamy psychedelic Fender Rhodes electric piano, drums, bass, synth flourishes, futuristic vocal, choir.
  • 60’s dark Hammond organ, sea sound effect, power crashes on drums and bass, futuristic spacey synth fx.
  • 60’s heavy Hammond organ, powerful rock guitar, heavy drums and bass, synth warping fx, Pink Floyd-esque.
  • Dramatic vocal expressing powerful message of sadness and exhaustion, driving guitar, bass and drums with dark 60’s organ and distorted synth lines.
  • Melancholy guitar, saxophone ensemble, chorus of guitar, bass drums and organ, emotional vocal.
  • Dark piano and vocal, dramatic psychological theme.
  • 70’s rock piano, guitar, drums, bass and  dark vocal message.
  • Heavy 70’s rock organ and heavy rock guitars, drums, bass ,dark vocal, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd.
  • Upbeat country rock, rock and roll pub piano, drums, country style lead guitars, vocal, Chas and Dave.
  • Upbeat acoustic guitar riff, country style picking, pub piano, drums, bass, percussion, dry vocal.
  • Chilled out vibe, warm Hammond organ, slow drums, bass, warm vocal chorus, slow down lyric.
  • Fading drum rhythm, spacey guitar effect, echoing bass riff, quiet until big crescendo, Santana, abrupt end.
  • Bass echo riff, drum flourishes, building to 60’s drum beat, screaming Hammond organ.
  • Fast rock and roll guitar rhythm, bass, 60’s organ, vocal theme of escaping state control in spanish retreat.
  • Fast drum beat, synth fx, vocal chorus, treble guitar riff.
  • Fast pace guitar riffing, drum fills, Fender Rhodes electric piano, 60’s organ screams, vocal theme of winter and ice looking for the Sun, the Doors.
  • Heavy spanish electric guitar chords, drum fills, cowbell, furious riffing, spaghetti western, Blue Oyster Cult.
  • Furious riffing guitars, bass, fast drumming, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Sun Sun Sun vocal.
  • Spacey synth fx, building electric guitar picking, cymbal swishes, building bass guitar, screaming hammond organ.
  • Beaten up Blues acoustic guitar riff, percussion, funky laid back drums, bass, lazy dreamy vocal, guitar, Beck, Beta Band.
  • Chilled, lazy Blues riff, beaten up acoustic guitar riffing, percussion, Indie folk vibe, Beck, Beta Band.

For further insight into the music, you can download the lyrics for the Hot and Cold album here:

Adult Cinema - Album Releases

All the music from all my albums is available as a one-stop clearance with all instrumentals and cut-downs. I can do edits as required.

Adult Cinema - Selected Sync Credits

My music has been used extensively as background music all over the world.

My most featured track is ‘Time Machine’, the lyrics of which made it a favourite for the History Channel who used it in their channel trailer for many years in the US and other markets.

That track has also been used regularly for many years across the Discovery Network.

It’s also regularly used on Formula 1 coverage in the UK and now the US, and in a whole range of other sports coverage from UK football to Canadian Ice Hockey.

‘Supercool’ was used in the trailer for The Philip Seymour Hoffman movie ‘Before the Devil knows you’re dead’

One of my tracks was also used in the final episode of the TV series ‘House’ and many tracks have a lot of background use on US and UK TV.

Adult Cinema - Contact for Clearance

Please contact me for any queries through my manager below:

Contact: Ian Clifford

email: ian [@]

Tel: +44 208 830 7831

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