Adult Cinema “THIS IS YOUR LIFE”


A remastered version of the debut album from Adult Cinema, ‘This Is Your Life’, came out in May 2018. The original release saw tracks used on TV and movies across the world and some stand out reviews. Contains the fan favourite ‘Time Machine’ and the awesome ‘Supercool’. A must for fans of classic rock and true musicianship.


1. Time Machine
2. Coming From The Left
3. All A Dream
4. You Can Buy Happiness
5. Supercool
6. Flowers
7. Broken Bones
8. This Is The Way (Preview)
9. Alien Craft
10. All A Dream Reprise (Including Take Me Home)


This is available on Black and Coloured vinyl as well as CD.
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JOE CLAY (The Times)“A winning blend of Meddle-era Pink Floyd, beguiling psych-folk and classic rock riffing. Mike Weston is an accomplished songwriter and musician who deserves a wider audience.“

SIMON MORRISON (The Guardian)“Adult Cinema manage to negotiate that precarious edge, nodding a head back to the fine music of the past, and yet also making sounds and songs that are vibrant and contemporary. This is an Adult Cinema that hosts modern sonic movies that we all need to hear.“

THE WORD“The missing link between Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree.”

ROLLING STONE“That an album of such intricacy and detail can emanate from the hands of one man is hard to fathom.”

OMM“This debut could reinvigorate the whole genre! It’s that good.“