“365” The New Album from Adult Cinema Available Now!
After the overwhelming success of the Kickstarter campaign, it’s time for the physical release of "365" - my most ambitious[...]
The NEW Kickstarter Campaign is Live
Finally…  The Kickstarter campaign for the new album, 365, is live. GO TO KICKSTARTER NOW! Click that big button above[...]
US Mail Order With New Cheap Postage!
I have excellent news if you’re in the US.I’ve just appointed an American distributor for mail order of my CDs,[...]
This Is Adult Cinema “The Playlist”
Whilst I get the moving parts in place for the Kickstarter campaign for the new album (on which there will[...]
Hot and Cold Digital Release
The new album, 'Hot And Cold' by Adult Cinema is now available on all digital and streaming sites. Click for more album news and details.
Have You Ever
The third and final single from new Adult Cinema album 'Hot and Cold entitled 'Have You Ever Flown Across The Sky?' is out today on streaming sites. Click for more.
Here It Comes
'Here It Comes' is the second single from the forthcoming album. It's released today on all streaming platforms. Check it out here.
Today is the day. First new music from the new album is on streaming sites now. Check it out.
‘Hot and Cold’ The New Album
The new album, 'Hot and Cold', is available for pre-order now. Click to get all the details, hear the tracks and get your order in.
New Shop, New Music
Finally, I've launched my new shop! This means that you can now buy any of my music and merch direct from me. Plus news of a new album...
Belgium, New Music and T-Shirts
I went to Belgium to spend some time in the studio so I thought I better tell you what I was doing - and I have a few very limited T-shirts you can grab. Read on!
This Is Your Life is Out Today!
A very long time coming, the 2018 remastered version of the Adult Cinemas debut album 'This Is Your Life' is out today. Click for details.
This Is Your Life and Teaser Trailer Pre-Order
Vinyl of my first two albums are on their way! Read this to find out more and how to pre-order your copies.
Thank You Kickstarter Pledgers
It's been an exciting few weeks, so read here the final installment from the campaign and what's next for Adult Cinema.
Kickstarter UPDATE: Coloured Vinyl Now Available
I've added an couple of extra reward options to my Kickstarter for coloured vinyl. Read here to find out more.
Thank You, But It’s Not Over Yet
It's been a mad few days. I reached my initial Kickstarter target in 48 hours! and there's still more to come. Read to find out more.
The Kickstarter Campaign Is Live
The Adult Cinema Kickstarter campaign for pressing both albums on vinyl is now live. Click here for more information and to support the campaign.
Led Zeppelin : ‘Whole Lotta Love’ : Loop Pedal Cover
I've finally found the time to edit a video of my live Led Zeppelin loop pedal cover of the classic 'Whole Lotta Love'. Watch it Now.
Remastered and Re-released. What exactly is going on with ‘This Is Your Life’
Happy New Year to you all!! I've got some big things planned this year, so here's a small post updating you on my intentions for 2018!
Help Fund My Album Mastering By Ordering Your Adult Cinema T Shirt Today!
At last! The first Adult Cinema T shirt is about to go into production. Click the read more link to pre-order yours today!
Daytripper. Looking For Pigs On The Wing
This weekend I was privileged to get a personal tour of the construction site at Battersea Power Station. The iconic building that was used on the cover artwork of Pink Floyd's album, Animals.
The End of One Era, and the Beginning of Another
The time has come for ACHQ to close, but there are plans for something even better. To see what I have planned, and to see some of the good times I had there, check out this post and video.
Dead Men Tell No Tales
I've been messing about in the studio with some covers in the last few weeks and this cover of 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' by Motörhead is the first one I've finished that I'm happy with. Lemmy was a legend so I hope I've done it justice. Check it out and let me know what you think.
Teaser Trailer CD Is Here!
Finally, we have had the finished CD of the 'Teaser Trailer' album delivered. I know it took an age but I have them in my sweaty hands right now and we've just put them on the site for you to buy. Click through and read a bit more and see a video of me doing the ceremonial unboxing!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Cinematic Year
Christmas is just around the corner and I just wanted to take a moment to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported me this year as I worked to get my music career up and running - and that includes you if you're reading this. Click through and have a gander - Thanks and Happy Christmas!
We’ve Opened Pandora’s Box
'Teaser Trailer' was approved and added to Pandora, the US music streaming service. This is a very big deal for the band as we know how Pandora can help people discover new music and the people who use it are real music lovers. Read the post for more on this and other Adult Cinema news - including the end of the current ACHQ!
The Journey Begins
'Teaser Trailer' was officially released on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music (and all online music stores) this morning. It's been a hell of a long time coming, but it's just the start of a journey that I've spent my whole life building up to. Read all the details here.
The Eyes Have It
Something more to get your ears around. The next two tracks from Teaser Trailer. 'Feel Your Eyes' and the 3 part progressive monster 'We sailed across the Ocean'. Available on YouTube and Soundcloud, but check them out here first!
Set The Controls To The Heart Of The Sun
This post also contains a few sneak a peeks at one of the new tracks created at ACHQ! And shortly my time in place I've recorded most of Adult Cinema's material will come to an end. It will be a sad time but change is good!
I Give You Flowers
Hopefully you have already had a free 4 track download, (and if not you should definitely grab one!). Now the boys will be coming round to deliver you Flowers! Make sure you put away your tasty beverages! There's some more music for you to check out.
Why Adult Cinema?
What's in a name? Plenty, and people are always asking what the inspiration is for the name Adult Cinema. Of course, it's very easy to assume that it owes much to sleazy specialist adult entertainment. But is that right? And, if explaining the name isn't enough, how about finding out why this band isn't really a band at all.
I’m All Over The Place!
There was a time when you couldn't find anything about Adult Cinema online. In fact, that was the very recent past! But, with a new team in place, this website is just part of the Adult Cinema online 'universe'. Alright - that's a bit grand, but the truth is there are now lots of places where you can follow Adult Cinema and hear music, watch videos and see photos and lots more. Here's the details.
What A Tease!
What's the story with Adult Cinema's debut album 'This Is Your Life' and what is the 'Teaser Trailer' album all about? This post explains the story behind both records. When they were written and recorded, how the tracks were chosen and why they are being released now. The back story on Adult Cinema that brings it up to date.
The evolution of Adult Cinema hasn't been a straight line. It's been a long road with more than a few false starts. There's been disappointment, heartache and eventually overwhelming support. But the events that have led to now have been all about how the music has found its place and won an audience. Read how that happened in this post.
The Return of Adult Cinema
Welcome, finally, to the official Adult Cinema website. It's taken a hell of a long time and a new management team to bring Adult Cinema into the internet age. And, now that there is an official website and online presence on social media, a new plan of multiple releases will follow later in 2016.