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I’m pleased to tell you that the ‘Teaser Trailer’ album is finally available as a CD for just $9.99 plus postage.

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Feel free to buy a few extra for friends and family if you think they’ll like what I do – the postage is cheaper if you buy more than one copy.

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‘Teaser Trailer’ contains tracks taken from the recording sessions from the debut album that have been unreleased until now.

Many were on provisional track lists for ‘This Is Your Life’ and fit absolutely with that style and sound. Includes the fan favorites, ‘Asleep at the Wheel’, ‘Rowboat’ and the recently unearthed ‘Witches’ plus alternative versions of some of the debut album ‘This Is Your Life’.

A perfect introduction to Adult Cinema.

JOE CLAY (The Times) – “A winning blend of Meddle-era Pink Floyd, beguiling psych-folk and classic rock riffing. Mike Weston is an accomplished songwriter and musician who deserves a wider audience.“

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1. Feel your Eyes
2. Flowers (Fallout Version)
3. Asleep At The Wheel
4. Dreamt The Other Night (Prog Version)
5. We Sailed Across The Ocean
6. Got To Prove Myself Today
7. My Tangled Mind
8. Rowboat (Original Version)
9. Witches
10. La La La La La
11. Rowboat (Southend Version) Bonus Track

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