Released : September 2020


1. Hot and Cold

2. Black God

3. Have You Ever Flown Across The Sky?
4. She Won't Ever Let You Down
5. Continuum 5
6. Spanish Garden

7. The Sun
8. The Wind

9. The Rain

10. Egg

11. It's The Future For Us

12. Here It Comes

‘Hot and Cold’ is the all-new studio album from Adult Cinema featuring twelve never before released recordings.

Crafted by Mike Weston in two studios he built in the garden of his current and former Southend homes over the last three years, this album contains the evolution of the Adult Cinema sound. As with previous albums, there are nods to the great bands of the 60’s and 70’s, but now Mike has added flavours from later eras and has further defined a unique sound for the band.

All new compositions and recordings include the future favorites, ‘Black God’, ‘Spanish Garden’ and ‘The Sun’. Mike also revisits the three-track epic with the triptych of ‘The Rain / Egg / The Future For Us’.