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Released 11/9/20


‘Here It Comes’ (Single Version) is the second track taken from the forthcoming third artist album from Adult Cinema, ‘Hot and Cold’.

‘Here It Comes’ is a melancholic, wistful and reflective folk rock track written about the comedown.

Despite the subject matter it retains a positive outlook. It tells how you don’t have to experience the seemingly inevitable low after the high and that it’s a choice to go after the same buzz time and time again. Although this song was written as a plea to a friend who would not battle his addictions, heedless of the words of his friends, it is allegorically about any life experience where you go through highs and lows.

A sombre saxophone note leads into a rousing Hammond organ chorus and makes this track perfect for a soundtrack to a lazy laidback time of reflection.

Adult Cinema is the work of multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Mike Weston who has doggedly carved out an avid fanbase over the last few years. His music unashamedly looks to the greats of classic and progressive rock, but the unusually direct songwriting, that covers themes of human emotion, brings his songs a modern edge and an ‘in vogue’ relevance that ensures there’s no element of pastiche.

You only need to read the comments of his admirers to see why he has much farther to climb with his unique take on contemporary rock music.

‘Hot and Cold’ is released on 30th October with the third and final single released at the end of September.