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The End of One Era, and the Beginning of Another

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The time has finally come. I did mention this a while back. I have been looking for a new home for my family here in the Southend area and 6 weeks ago we finally found somewhere that suits all our needs.

We managed to organise the sale very quickly, and will be in the new place in less than a month.

This means I have to finally say goodbye to the place that helped Adult Cinema create all the music so far. ACHQ.

It has been the home to all my musical adventures since 2006/7 and it will be sad to leave, but I’ve already been planning the next version ACHQ2. (working title!)

This means music production is now going to be held up a few months, which is OK, as I have already written and recorded nearly all the parts for the tracks for the brand new album. (More on that later.) It’s just one or two overdubs then the mixing. And I can’t wait to get these finished as I feel I’m starting to write tracks for the 4th album too.

But the new studio is needed so I’ve already started planning the new place.

It’s going to be bigger than the last place, and better designed. There’s a tree in the back left corner of the garden, which has lead to an interesting layout.

Check out the diagrams below.

Construction will start immediately and I’ve got a couple of friends to help with that. My guess it will take no longer than three months to get it open. I’ll keep a diary of the construction so those of you interested can see it progress.

Lastly, I’ve made a video from footage collected over the past years of my time in the old studio, and set it to ‘Time Machine’, the opening track of the album ‘This Is Your Life’. It seems to fit quite well, hope you like it.

To get the album ‘Teaser Trailer’ for FREE click here


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