By Mike Weston

The NEW Kickstarter Campaign is Live

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Finally…  The Kickstarter campaign for the new album, 365, is live.

Click that big button above to be taken to Kickstarter so that you can make a pledge to support the campaign.

The sooner the better! 

On the Kickstarter page, you’ll learn about the album, see what’s on offer and then you can pledge for the bundle that you want.

If you’ve never backed anything on Kickstarter before, it’s a crowdfunding site where I ask you to ‘pledge’ to buy the new album and then I use those funds to put it into manufacture.

In this case, I have actually completely finished the album, mastered it and cut the vinyl. I’ve approved the test pressings and the artwork is ready.

That means this campaign is just about getting everything into manufacture and the physical stock - the CDs and vinyl - will be made within only 6 or 7 weeks following this campaign.

You make your ‘pledge', which basically means that you are committing to buy the album, and there’s various formats and bundles that you can choose from.

You can buy a CD or vinyl (or a download) and some other add-on things (a T-shirt, a lyric book) and then there's a few much more expensive things for people who want to, and are able to, support me with a bigger pledge with their excess worldly wealth!

But, and it’s a big but, the campaign ONLY works if I reach my target, which is a pretty ambitious figure.

If I don’t reach that target, then the campaign fails and I will have to resort to some other way to get the album into manufacture.

So, it’s crucially important to me (and to you if you want to hear this record) that I get as many people buying through this campaign as possible.

I have just launched the campaign in the last few minutes and it's open for 14 days. When it closes on 9th February, everyone who has 'pledged' gets the download and then I’ll get everything into manufacture as fast as possible to meet that 6 or 7 week delivery. But you will have the download to listen to while you wait.

And, I should point out, that I will not be putting this album on Spotify and other streaming sites for at least three, and possibly more than six months from now.

As I’ve said before, streaming sites are great, but as a DIY musician, I have to maximise physical CD and vinyl sales to help to fund what I do.

And that’s really why this campaign is happening.

Yes, it’s so I can make the physical copies of this album, but it’s also about me taking the next step as a DIY musician.

Any support that you give to this Kickstarter campaign brings me closer to my goal of a full-time career as a musician and that means me making and releasing more music.

Your support for this Kickstarter campaign will not only get you a copy of this album, but it will also make a huge difference to me being able to continue making music (and I am already writing and laying down bits of the next album…).

So, please head over to Kickstarter and take your pick of the offers I’ve put together, safe in the knowledge that I will owe you for that support for a very long time.

You have my everlasting thanks for helping me do what I do.


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