By Mike Weston

US Mail Order With New Cheap Postage!

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I have excellent news if you’re in the US.

I’ve just appointed an American distributor for mail order of my CDs, vinyl, and some of my merch (t-shirts and badges). 

I've already shipped over a load of stock, and it's there, ready and waiting for your order.

So, if you’ve been put off by the crazy postage cost and delivery time before, now’s your chance to go and pick up all my music…!

Right now, as a launch offer, I’m offering 25% off anything in the store for just a few days, up until midnight on 10th July.

Use coupon code:  RAISE25

Why have you done that, Mike?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

There’s two reasons I've done this.

  • Firstly, there was a really big issue with the time it takes to get orders out to America. It used to take up to a month or even longer. 
  • Secondly, the cost. It was nuts!

About two years ago the cost of posting from the UK to the USA went through the roof.

The actual postage cost (before my packaging costs) was up around $20 - $25 if you ordered vinyl. And it was even $10 - $15 for a single CD. 

Now, with the stock over there, it's going to cost as little as $8.

Clearly, that’s better for you Americans, but it’s better for me too, because now you have no excuse…

Why do a sale now?

I’m doing a sale because I think there’s loads of people in the US who would’ve bought CDs and vinyl, but were put off by the price of the postage.

Now that it’s a lot cheaper, my guess is that plenty of those folks will want to pick something up.

A discount offer for just a week is my way of giving you all some encouragement (and it’s only fair to offer that to anyone, anywhere else in the world, at the same time).

So this is my biggest sale in a long time, starting right now on absolutely everything in the store.

Go there now and fill your boots.

Take advantage of the cheaper post if you're in America, but wherever you are, you can get that same discount.

The discount is 25% off anything in the store for just a few days, up until midnight on 10th July.

Use coupon code: RAISE25

Is this a cash grab?


The other reason I'm doing this big discount sale is that I want to give you all an incentive to take advantage of that new postage rate.

But also, I really need to raise some cash to get the new album finished and up and running on Kickstarter.

That crowdfunding campaign can happen in a couple of weeks, but I've already got the first bills to pay. I've already mastered the album and had the test pressings cut. So there’s that and the artwork to pay for already!

So, please do hold on to some money for the Kickstarter, because that’s going to be the biggest release I have done for a long time.

But….., if you can still pick up something now, that would be an enormous help in getting me to the starting gate for the new record. 

Like I say, if you need to, please do hold on to your cash because the Kickstarter is going to have lots of things to spend your money on, but they will all be for that record specifically.

But, right now, if you've waited to buy one of the existing albums on vinyl or CD or maybe there’s a T-shirt you always meant to get, then please go and buy that in this sale.

That will really help me out at this stage of getting that next album out into the world.

And, as you likely already know, I appreciate all your support hugely.

The discount is 25% off anything in the store for just a few days, up until midnight on 10th July.

Use coupon code: RAISE25

Bandcamp, You Say?

Oh, yes. I nearly forgot to mention. I have also, finally added ‘Hot And Cold’ to my Bandcamp store.

That also has the new USA postage prices, so, if you prefer you can go there to buy.

The same discount code works on Bandcamp and it expires at the same time, on 10th July.

To be honest, it’s better for me if you buy from my shop, but I like to make it as easy as possible for you if Bandcamp is your thing.

Here's the link:

For music -

For merch -

New album news

I get it.

You want to know.

As soon as this sale is over and I have another few days to get stuff together, I’ll be asking you about what you want in that crowdfunding campaign.

As ever, thanks for all your support.

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