By Mike Weston

Have You Ever

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Firstly - thanks to everyone who’s pre-ordered ‘Hot And Cold’.

You should have already had an email with the download link and all the CD and vinyl is being shipped as fast as I can manage it.

It’s been amazing to see so many people willing it to be as good as they’re wishing it to be and I really hope it delivers.

Whether you have the whole album in your hands today or not, there’s the third and final single, ‘Have You Ever Flown Across The Sky?’ out on all the streaming platforms today. Links at the bottom of the page.

You know what I’ve asked before…

If you like it, please save it to your library and add to a playlist as that tells the machines that they should push the track to other people. Much appreciated as ever.

This track is about daring to dream, living life to the full, seeing the world and wondering what else is beyond our planet in space. I might have been listening to Hawkwind when I wrote and recorded it...

Just to remind you, the whole album won’t be coming to streaming until the end of October or early November. And I’m just holding it back from the shop on the site for a week so I can get all the pre-orders out. It will be in the shop sometime between 2nd and 5th October.

Thanks again for all your support.

Here’s all the links to the latest single on all the various platforms:

If YouTube is your thing, then here’s another new video from my collaborator Vince, the Vizual Chemist.

If you like this, then go and leave a comment there and let me know.

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