By Mike Weston

Kickstarter UPDATE: Coloured Vinyl Now Available

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​Again I can't thank you enough for the support you've shown me so far on this Kickstarter campaign.

We are now heading towards the stretch goal which will enable me to finally get ​the remastered 'This Is Your Life' album out on C​D too.


​Several of you have written to me saying "If you're doing vinyl, why aren't you doing coloured vinyl?"

Well I've done the maths.

With an adjustment to the figures I've decided to juggle the manufacturing of the vinyl.  Instead of making just standard black records,  I've worked out that for a slight increase in manufacturing costs I can make 100 coloured vinyls of each release.

So I've added two extra rewards to the packages available in the campaign.

1. Both albums on coloured vinyl.  @  £40   (50 pairs only)

2. Both albums signed on coloured vinyl. @ £50  (30 pairs only)

These are just £5 more per copy than the rewards already there.

​The great thing about Kickstarter is the ability to change/update your pledge ​while the campaign is running. So if you've pledged already ​it's easy to change your previous pledge and get the coloured vinyl if you so wish.


Those of you who has already pledged ​to one of the more expensive packages of £60 or more will automatically get coloured vinyl in their reward instead of the standard black. (​Of course If you want the black version, we are going to contact you before sending the rewards to you to make sure!)

​So if you wish you update your pledge, click the button below and sign in. you can then adjust your pledge.

The Big Pledges

​When I started ​this campaign I did a lot of research. ​I ​noticed that on other campaigns there are some very high priced rewards. I had my doubts about placing some of these within my campaign thinking that you guys would just want to pay for the music, just as if you were buying from a record store.

But I was so wrong. And also humbled.

The generosity ​shown within this campaign is something I never expected and for that i'm eternally grateful.

Those of you taking the higher tiered rewards, especially the "Executive Producer" packages have helped me move this campaign further forward than I imagined.

Thank you.


​One final reminder, is the T-shirt. If you do fancy picking up one of those, you can "ADD ON" the Tee to any of the reward packages in the campaign.

There's more information on how to do that on my Kickstarter page.

I know I've been banging on a bit here, but the past week or so has been inspirational!

Thanks again for everything,


(oh yeah, here's the button one more time!)

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