By Mike Weston

Dead Men Tell No Tales

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Lemmy RIP.

I wanted to do something when Lemmy died, but it didn’t feel right at the time.

Now it’s already a year and a half since he passed and it feels alright.

I’ve been messing about doing some cover ideas in my studio just before I move house and build a new one and this cover of Motörhead ‘Dead men tell no tales’ is the first one I’ve finished and edited.

It’s a great one to start with – the track is great and Motörhead are obviously awesome.

I hope I’ve done it some justice.

It was only when I’d finished it and was editing that it was pointed out to me that there’s a certain Hollywood franchise movie that’s got this as its title. I hope Jack Sparrow would like it too!

Doing a cover version like this is a bit of a break for me when I’m always in the studio writing and recording my own stuff. And, given that I play everything myself, it gives me a bit of a workout on all the instruments.

I’d go as far as saying that changing tack and fiddling about on someone else’s songs gets the creative juices going for when I go back to writing and laying down the parts for my songs.

Plus I get to make something else that I can share that isn’t as serious as when I release a track of mine.

I’ve got a few more ideas I’m going to get down before I leave this studio and I’m going to try and do those live with a loop station.

Look out for that!

Let me know what you think and leave a comment here or on the YouTube video.


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