By Mike Weston

Help Fund My Album Mastering By Ordering Your Adult Cinema T Shirt Today!

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Finally, I’ve got the T-shirt ready to go into production.

We will be creating the first pre-order of T-shirts on Monday the 16th of October so get your order in now before that closes.

Getting the T shirts on sale is one way to raise the money needed for the remastered version of the album “This Is Your Life”, so buying a T-shirt does not only get you a great shirt but it also helps me taking my career to the next step.

I’m excited to finally remaster this album because I feel I didn’t quite give the material the ‘best shot’ back then by arranging a cheap online mastering of the songs. This time I’m going full on professional mastering that should give the material the sound I initially imagined for the album, pulling out the details in the music that got lost in the last mastering process.

So selling these T-shirts will help fund the mastering, which is going to happen in the next 10 days.

We will be making the initial pre-order next Monday so get yours by clicking the button below.

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I took my time choosing the shirt to print on and finding a great screen print shop and I’m now happy with the suppliers I’ve found.

As with all things AC, I’m trying to make sure I maintain very high quality standards. 

You might remember that I ran a poll on Facebook and this was the design and colour that came out on top – in fact, way out on top!

The T-Shirts have a 2 colour print of the sleeve of the Adult Cinema album, ‘Teaser Trailer’ and are printed on EarthPositive® high-quality 155g cotton T-Shirts.

All T-Shirts are the EarthPositive® EP01 Classic Fit Style – this is a unisex cut and is their signature style.

EarthPositive® apparel is made to demonstrate the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards, plus they feel and fit great – which is why I’m using them!
Since this is the very first run of the T-Shirts, I’m collecting the first bunch of orders before I get them manufactured.

That means that they won’t be ready to post out for maybe 10 to 15 days and then they’ll take another few days to get to you in the UK and at least 5 if you’re in the US or elsewhere outside the UK.

So, please bear with me and I’ll get them to you as fast as I can – but without compromising quality.

I reckon it’ll be 15 – 20 days from now if you’re in the UK, and 20 – 25 days if you’re outside the UK.

To order, click below and you’ll be taken to my Gumroad store.

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