By Mike Weston

This Is Your Life and Teaser Trailer Pre-Order

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I’ve been busy.

After all the excitement of the Kickstarter campaign it's been all hands on deck getting the artwork for the re-release of ‘This Is Your Life’ completed, which is now just about done.

The cut for both vinyl albums was done by the ever reliable Nick Watson  at Fluid Mastering a couple of weeks ago now and the lacquers have been sent off to the pressing plant. I'm expecting test pressings in another two weeks. Fingers crossed that they are spot on.

You'd be surprised at quite how much work has been required getting the original artwork from 2007 (yes, really that long ago) tidied up and ready for the vinyl sleeves. I owe an enormous debt to the mates who help me out with all of this, especially Steve, who has done wonders with the sleeves.

I've also started sorting out the additional rewards from the Kickstarter campaign for those who ordered the artwork prints and the ‘This Is Your Life’ t-shirt - and that’s all coming along as well.

As you might imagine, this is taking a little longer than I had expected, so I‘ve made an executive decision to set the release date for the 25th of May.

I was aiming for March, but when I started making the vinyl I thought it would be nice to have an ‘official’ release date when the album will be available everywhere on all formats. (All the Kickstarter supporters will get their vinyl and CDs as soon as they get to me from the pressing plant - looking like around 11th May)

So, on 25th May the album will be on all download stores (iTunes and the like) and on all streaming sites (Spotify, Apple, Deezer) and even in a few record shops if I’m lucky (let me know if you’ve got a local store you want to persuade into having a few copies…).

As usual, the main way that you’ll be able to get your hands on the CD or vinyl will be direct from me.

And I’ve got myself ahead of the game by setting up a pre-order for all the formats on the site today.

So, if you didn’t manage to back the Kickstarter, you can go to my new ‘pre-order store’ and get your order in now.

There’s not many of the coloured vinyl available as most were picked up in the Kickstarter campaign, so if you want one of those, don’t hang about.

I’ve got to say thanks again to everyone who backed the campaign and made this all possible. I’ll be forever grateful for the push you’ve given to my music and my career.

I can’t wait for this remastered ‘This Is Your Life’ to be out now (and, by the way, it really does sound great after the magic touch of Nick Watson) and for you all to hear it.

It’s a major step for me. It means the end of the first stage of me getting back into the saddle and giving myself a chance to find a fanbase and ‘phase one’ of my dream will have been accomplished.

It then allows me to move on to the next stage with my first all new material in ten years and I’m desperate to get that finished so you can all hear it.

As ever, thanks again and hit the button below to get your pre-order sorted.

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