By Mike Weston

This Is Adult Cinema “The Playlist”

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Whilst I get the moving parts in place for the Kickstarter campaign for the new album (on which there will be news very soon) I’m getting a few other things in place.

One of those is that I made a Spotify playlist of all of my music and put it in an order that makes sense to me.

If you use Spotify, it would be enormously helpful to me if you could follow and like that playlist and give it a regular listen.

Here it is:

And, as you can see from my Instagram below, it’s already up and working on the Alexa thingy - so it’s even easier to give it that regular listen.

Just ask Alexa, ‘Alexa, play This Is Adult Cinema’ playlist on Spotify and I will fill your home with my dulcet tones.

So, if you can do that on a regular basis, again, it would be more helpful than you could possibly realise.

As you may have guessed, that’s not really about me getting paid, as the per-stream royalty is shockingly bad.

It’s more that Spotify is so good at seeing what people ask for that it then wants to push my music to new listeners.

That’s what it’s all about.

Why Did I Make ‘This Is Adult Cinema’ Playlist?

This playlist is part of a cunning plan.

Well, just ‘best practice’ really.

I’ve been looking into ways to grow my following on Spotify, and the general consensus is that an ‘all my music’ playlist is a great way to get new listeners into what you do.

I guess the idea is that it means I get to showcase my music in an order and with a feel to it that I think will make people like what I do.

Anyway, that’s what it’s for, and I am going to try a few more things to grow my Spotify following using this playlist as the main way for people to find me.

So, if you want to share my music with people, this is a good thing to share with them - hint, hint!

What If You Don’t Use Spotify?

I know not everyone does use Spotify.

You might be using another site like Apple Music or Amazon or Tidal.

Or, you might be old school and you listen on CD or vinyl (I can help you out with that, by the way…).

So you might be thinking I’m not doing the same on those other streaming platforms and I’m prioritising Spotify…

And you’d be right!

The thing is, I’d love to do this on Apple, Amazon, Deezer and all the other sites but, with the limited time I have available, I have to look at the facts and they are that ‘most’ people use Spotify.

Again, from my efforts to market my music, I’ve discovered that the general advice is to focus on Spotify, as that’s where you’ll get the most results.

And, hopefully, folks who are using other services will find me on those if they want to.

What I’m saying is that I simply don’t have time to do it on all the services!

What’s next for Adult Cinema?

As you probably know (because I said so above), the new record finished.

It’s mastered, and the vinyl is currently at the factory and I’m waiting - nervously - on ‘test pressings’.

Because the delay in manufacturing vinyl is horrendous at the moment, I’ve made the decision not to start work on promoting the new album until I know that I have vinyl without any defects.

I (and you) will still have to wait for that to be pressed, but I don’t want to start until I’ve approved the TP’s.

If you were around when I did the last campaign on ‘Hot And Cold’, you might remember that I had to cut that vinyl twice because it had a few issues when I got the test pressings.

That added about 6 weeks to that album manufacturing cycle, but, with the factory delays as they are now, it could be 8-10 weeks more delay.

And I don’t think it’s right to have people who have pledged to the crowdfunder, have to wait an additional 2 - 3 months if the vinyl has an issue.

So, as soon as I get that back and sign it off, I will launch the Kickstarter and very gladly (and humbly) take your money.

What’s in the Kickstarter this time?

So, the next thing you’ll hear on that will be when I send out a message and ask you what you want in it.

Hold your fire - don’t tell me now!

I want to try and make some additional stuff for this crowdfunder that is the stuff that you might want.

Could be a T-shirt or something more personal, like your name on the album credits. I’m also thinking about whether there’s anyone who might want to have me help with any recording and production…

Anyway, hold on to that thought, and I will send out a survey on that as soon as I’m able to confirm the pressing go ahead.

But, one thing you’re not getting a say on is the vinyl.

It’s a 180g gatefold double album and you’ll be able to have it in black vinyl or green (not cheap I can tell you!)

If you choose to back the Kickstarter campaign when I launch it, as I’ve said before, you’ll be backing me to get one step closer to being a full-time musician - that’s been my goal for years.

Over the last 5 or so, I’ve made an effort to get myself to that point, and this next album might just get me over the line…

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