By Mike Weston


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If you didn’t hear already, there’s a new album coming out (which you can pre-order here).

As I explained last week, the whole album won’t be coming to streaming until the end of October at the earliest.

However, I am trying to make sure there’s something to hear and I am also working behind the scenes to see if I can grow my streaming following.

I prefer a CD or vinyl myself, but this streaming stuff is really more like personalised radio to me, so I do get it. Plus the more people who listen to me using these platforms the more it helps me grow a fanbase and then the more I get to make music - my ultimate goal.

So, if you do ever use one, please do follow me there and add my tracks to your playlists and that sort of thing.

And, why not start with this - ‘The Sun’.

This is a slight edit especially for streaming and (if I get lucky) radio. That means a bit less intro and a bit tighter in the middle. It’s one of the first tracks I wrote for the new album and should give you a sense of the rest of the new music.

I really hope you like it.

Click the image below to choose your favourite streaming platform:

And, here’s the first of the new videos from my old collaborator Vince Wright, the Vizual Chemist:

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