By Mike Weston

This Is Your Life is Out Today!

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So today's the day.

Firstly just a quick apology to those of you who backed the campaign on Kickstarter or who have pre-ordered a physical copy of ‘This Is Your Life’.

Thank you - I owe you an enormous amount - but the reality of getting everything manufactured and ready to mail out on time (in fact I’d hoped to have that done by the 11th of May) has just been a step too far.

So, my apologies, but the CD and vinyl and other rewards will not be posted out until the middle of next week and T-shirts will be the week after that.

My bad! But thanks for all the understanding you’ve already shown!

But the album is out today on all the digital platforms and that means you can find the remastered version on Spotify and Apple Music using the buttons below:

It should also be on Pandora for those of you in the countries where you can receive that, but you have to search for it as I don't have the link - sorry!

As I've said in the past, it would be awesome if you could add any of the tracks from ‘This Is Your Life’ to your playlists on Spotify or Apple because that helps to spread my music that little bit further and reach new people.

You can also find new videos on nYouTube created by an old collaborator, Vince the Vizual Chemist, and edited by my good friend Steve who helps me get all this stuff up on the internet.

There’s a video for each track and a full album audiovisual spectacular.

I know lots of people listen to the album on YouTube and I'm really pleased with how these have turned out. You can have a look by clicking the button below and whilst you're there do me another favour and subscribe!

Lastly pretty much everything has been updated in the store and you can now buy both ‘Teaser Trailer’ and ‘This Is Your Life’ in various formats and there’s still a small amount of the coloured vinyl on each of them if you get a move on.

This is a significant day for me in my music career and all the people reading this will know how I have managed to build a small fanbase as a DIY musician over the last two years.

It’s very important to me that with your help I managed to remaster the album and have it available on digital platforms. The fact that I was able to rely on your support to make the physical copies as well is the icing on the cake.

So thanks for helping to make this happen and I must thank Steve and Ian again for all the work they’ve done behind the scenes to make it all work!

As a DIY musician, I'm not doing any kind of proper PR campaign for this re-release of ‘This Is Your Life’, but I will be reaching out two a few blogs over the next few weeks and I'll even try to get a little bit of radio play. If you've got any suggestions for places that you think might be interested in hearing this album then do we leave a comment below.

That's it for now and thanks so much for all your help now please go and have a listen!

(I’m off to get stuck into the first all new album in 11 years - more news on that very soon…)

Cheers,  Mike

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