By Mike Weston

Why Adult Cinema?

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After people have listened to my music for a while, they often drop me a line and ask me why the hell I called the band ‘Adult Cinema’.

And, a lot of the time, I’ve given a wishy-washy answer.

There’s two parts to the question as well – people want to know why I chose that name and often they also want to know why there’s no band?

First off, the name.

I know that when people hear it for the first time, many immediately think of old fashioned porn theaters, but that’s not the inspiration for the name – although it does owe something to that era and that aura of sleaze.

But, it’s more simple than that.

Basically, I’d been in thrall to Taxi Driver from my teens and happened to be watching it again. Those scenes where De Niro is walking up the New York streets with the steam coming from the Subway grills amid the night-time neon glow – some of which, admittedly were Porn Theaters – just resonates with me and my view of the music I create.

Taxi Driver | Mondo & Alamo Drafthouse limited edition screen print by Martin Ansin. Used with permission – Click To Enlarge

That whole movie evokes something seedy and dangerous, but very much of its time. The run-down nature of New York at the time was amplified by the shoot taking place during a summer heatwave and a garbage strike – making it look as down at heel as possible.

And, for me, the 1970’s always had a little of that to them. A brown nylon fuzz of dirt across the hangover from the liberation of the 60’s. And although the neon glow in so much of that movie incorporates those porn theaters, it’s the overall feel that I was attracted to – and the name just popped in to my head.

My management only got to the bottom of the origin of the name after a very long and roundabout conversation. I’d used it for so long that I’d lost sight of the fact that it would have meaning for others!

And, it turned out that when I finally managed to vocalize it, it was like I’d switched a light bulb on for them and they could see how I saw my music – as if from my point of view. That really helped them understand how it came to be and gave them a direction for the branding and marketing.

And then, why use a band name if it’s only me?

That’s kinda easier to answer.

Although I’ve written, recorded and produced alone for years now, I have played gigs with a full band as Adult Cinema.

And I certainly intend to do so again.

For me, Adult Cinema is a band. It’s just that I’m currently the only member!

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