By Mike Weston

The Eyes Have It

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Ooops I’ve been so busy in the studio this month that I’ve just realised it’s ONLY 2 DAYS until Teaser Trailer will be available to the world on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

So here’s another couple of tracks from ‘Teaser Trailer’ that are up on YouTube and Soundcloud for you to enjoy.

First up here is the album opener, the laid back ‘Feel Your Eyes’. Shades of Procol here with the organ leading the track on the intro.

Similar vibes on ‘We Sailed Across The Ocean’ but this is a much more epic progressive affair.

I hope you like them! And finally not only will Teaser Trailer be available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all good digital retailers, But all the tracks will be on my YouTube channel, Facebook and Soundcloud by April 8th. Thanks for your support and help spread the word!

Cheers, Mike X

If you need a Soundcloud widget of any of the tracks you can go here.


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